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working rules


The standing group is open to all SISP members who share the group's aims and intend to contribute to its activity.

Members' meeting

The standing group Members shall meet in regular session at least once a year,... during with the SISP general conference. A session could also be convened and held electronically.
At the latest two weeks before the session, the Chair(s) shall communicate to each Member the date, place and provisional agenda of the meeting. This and other information will be supplied electronically.
The agenda of the regular session(s) shall include, or refer to, a report on the current activities of interest to the group, and be open to issues coming from members.
When needed, the regular session shall define the group policies and internal rules, as well as provide the guidelines of the group activities.

Coordination and development of activities

The activities of the standing group are coordinated and developed by one (or more) Chair(s)chosen by the Members with three year term. during the regular session. Members contextually appoint a Convenor of the SISP Policy Stream.
For developing specific activities, the Chair(s) could involve or delegate one or more Members as executive partners. Once fulfilled the noticing and reporting duties, Chair(s) and executive members are free in developing the group activities.
Beyond the ordinary noticing and reporting, each Member retains the right to be informed directly and at any moment about the group activities, by the Chair(s) or the executive member(s) involved.
A Chair cannot be reconfirmed more than once.

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