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Organizing a Summer School in Public Policy... in June 2011
Info: Alessia Damonte

Convening a policy... 2011 SISP

In 2011 the SISP conference will be held in Palermo University of Palermo, September 8-10, 2011

Convening a policy stream at the 2011 SISP conference

In 2011 the SISP conference will be held in Palermo. The Standing Group aims to launch panels on three issues: administration and evaluation; implementation; social policies.
Info: Renata Lizzi, Elisabetta Gualmini

Mapping policy courses in Italy

Have you been teaching policy in the last three years, or making use of policy texts or instruments in doing so? Please let us know who you are and what materials you used by simply sending an e-mail.


SG 1st Regular Session

The PS&PP standing group held its first meeting on Saturday 22, 2007 in Catania.

meeting report | follow-up

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