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The reason why

Established in 2007, this standing group intends to fill up an empty space within the Italian Society of Political Science -SISP, and to promote the political science approach to policy studies as a relevant field of scientific research and production of usable knowledge.

Mission statement

(adopted after the 2007 meeting)
The group aims to promote discourses, concerns and analyses consistent with the political science's perspective on public policy - especially within the Italian public sphere and scientific communities.
Hence, the group encourages and supports the debate on conceptual tools, methods, hypotheses, subjects of research.



Summer School ReSPoS2016 - Genova, 28 giugno - 1 luglio 2016

Research Strategies in Policy Studies

Summer School in Public Policy - Seventh Edition (Flyer)
Padova 18-23 Luglio 2016 - Flyer

International Conference on Public Policy - ICPP, Milano 2-4 July 2015

ICPP 2015 - The call for papers is now OPEN

Other Summer School in Europe.... 2015

Other Summer School in Italy... 2015

News & Master, PHD in Analisi e valutazione delle politiche pubbliche, 2013

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